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With ELFBAR SWITZERLAND you will find the largest selection of disposable e-cigarettes, prefilled pod systems and liquids from the Elfbar brand. moreThe advantages of ELFBAR have won over millions of people worldwide. Inexpensive devices that are easy to use offer a sensational taste experience. Compared to cigarettes, Elfbar disposable e-cigarettes do not contain any harmful tar substances. E-cigarettes don't stink and you don't have to worry about smoky hands. Stock up now at ELFBAR SCHWEIZ with the best vapes at particularly low prices!









Advantages of ELFBAR VAPES

The Elfbar brand was founded in 2018 and has quickly become the global market leader in the field of e-cigarettes and liquids. Easy-to-use vapes with an extraordinarily intense flavor offer you an unprecedented vaping experience. Even heavy ex-smokers are impressed by the intensity of the taste. Get an Elfbar in the flavor of your choice now and convince yourself of the tea-free alternative to tobacco cigarettes with unbeatable taste!

👉 Steam enjoyment without tar substances

👉 Handy devices that are always ready for use

👉 Simple operation, vaping without prior knowledge

👉 Countless flavors (fruit, tobacco, drinks)

👉 Different device types for every area of application

👉 Different nicotine content (0mg, 10mg, 20mg nicotine)


ELFBAR is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, where the popular e-cigarettes are produced in huge factories to the highest quality standards. The Elfbar company is primarily known for its cool lifestyle products and colorful disposable vapes. However, sustainability, recycling and youth protection are becoming increasingly important.

Trend towards more ecological reusable vapes 🍃

As part of this development, more ecological prefilled pod systems such as the Elfbar Elfa are becoming increasingly popular and the ELFBAR Premium Liquid "Elfliq" is one of the best-selling e-liquids in Switzerland. Elfbar is the leading brand for e-cigarettes in Switzerland with a market share of around 80%. The following info graphic clearly shows the trend away from disposables and towards reusable products. Many Swiss vape stores now sell as many cartridge systems as disposable vapes. Source: Sales figures, 2024.

ELFBAR product range | Disposable Vape & Pod Systems

elfbar product range, all models

ELFBAR now offers an extremely wide range of e-cigarettes that covers the needs of almost all vapers. We introduce you to the most important main categories:

1st ELFBAR disposable e-cigarettes - Ready to Vape!

The Elfbar brand has become particularly well known for its latest generation of disposable e-cigarettes. These convince with an extremely intense vapor experience, which also convinces experienced smokers of cigarettes. Elfbar disposable e-cigarettes can be used without any prior knowledge. All you have to do is unpack the e-cigarette and you can enjoy taking a drag from the mouthpiece. Choose from small models such as the Elfbar 600 or the Elfbar 1500. If you prefer a larger e-cigarette with more puffs, we recommend you take a look at the Elfbar 2500the Elfbar 5000 or the Lost Mary BM5000.

2. ELFBAR reusable vapes - more ecological and cheaper

In contrast to the popular disposable vapes, the battery of rechargeable e-cigarettes can be recharged several times. This means that the environment is not unnecessarily burdened. Elfbar offers you two different types of reusable e-cigarettes. Prefilled pod systems such as the Elfbar Elfa or the Elfbar Lowit. But also pod systems where you can refill the liquid yourself.

3. ELFBAR E-Liquid - Top flavor for your pod system

If you don't mind filling the e-liquid yourself, we can offer you the pod system Elfbar Mate which you can refill again and again with the Elfbar Liquids "Elfliq". E-liquids in combination with a pod system are by far the cheapest way to consume the popular Elfbar flavors.

ELFBAR reviews - what our customers say

Elfbar switzerland reviews trusted stores

Nothing is more meaningful than real customer reviews. ELFBAR SCHWEIZ has been certified by Trusted Shops with the "Top Rated Company Award" as one of the most popular online stores in Switzerland.

Fast and reliable delivery. TOP!

Delivered one day later. Large selection of Elfbar products. Top quality.

Roman C.

Clean communication and processing

Clean communication and processing. Correctly informed and delivered. Perfect!

Robert P.


Delivered the next day. Goods flawless. Everything tiptop.

Nicole A.

Everything is fine

Products and application are described on the homepage. Fast and reliable delivery.

Stefan R.

In the following FAQ, our experts answer the most important questions about ELFBAR vapes and provide you with helpful information.

ELFBAR KNOW-HOW | Frequently asked questions

  • Do Elfbar vapes have an expiration date?

    Yes, every Elfbar e-cigarette has an expiration date, which is printed on the packaging. Depending on the product, Elfbars can be enjoyed for one to two years from the production date. Products with an expired date may have quality problems and should no longer be consumed. The reason for the expiry dates is the e-liquids they contain, which can lose their freshness over time. The batteries of disposable vapes can also discharge over time. The Elfbar Mate pod system, which is not pre-filled with liquid, has no expiration date.

  • In which nicotine strengths are Elfbars available to buy?

    Elfbar e-cigarettes are available in Switzerland with a nicotine content of 20mg (standard), 10mg (rather moderate) or 0mg (nicotine-free). If you want to continuously reduce your nicotine consumption, it is a good idea to switch to a lower-dose product.

  • Which Elfbar flavors are the most popular?

    The taste of Elfbar products The following flavors dominate the bestseller lists of the most popular Elfbar flavors:

    1. Elfbar Blueberry
    2. Elfbar Watermelon
    3. Elfbar Apple Peach
    4. Elfbar Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
    5. Elfbar Blue Razz Lemonade
    6. Elfbar Pink Lemonade
    7. Elfbar Juicy Peach
    8. Elfbar Cola
    9. Elfbar Strawberry Ice
    10. Elfbar Tobacco
  • What to do if an Elfbar is defective?

    In rare cases, it can happen that an Elfbar Vape does not work as desired. In this case, we recommend that you contact the point of sale. If you purchased the device from Elfbar Switzerland, you can contact our customer service at or phone: 041 610 72 54 and we will endeavor to find a solution.

  • How do you recognize Elfbar counterfeits?

    A QR code is printed on every Elfbar product. You can scan it with your cell phone camera. Follow the link and you can check whether you have purchased an original Elfbar or a counterfeit. Make sure that the link leads to and not to another URL.

  • How many puffs do Elf Bar Vapes offer?

    The number of puffs of an Elf Bar depends primarily on the amount of e-liquid used. As a rule of thumb: 150 to 300 puffs are possible per milliliter of liquid. An Elfbar 600 with 2 ml of liquid offers 300 to 600 puffs. With an Elfbar 1500, you can expect between 750 and 1500 puffs. An Elfliq E-Liquid with 10ml offers 1500 to 3000 puffs.

  • Can Elfbars be refilled?

    Disposable vapes such as the Elfbar 2500 or the Elfbar 1500 are disposable products where neither the liquid can be refilled nor the battery recharged. However, the premium e-liquid Elfliq can be used in any commercially available pod system. If you would like a pod system from the same manufacturer, we can recommend the Elfbar Mate.

  • How many cigarettes are in an Elfbar?

    An Elfbar 1500 offers between 750 and 1500 puffs. A tobacco cigarette offers around 10 puffs. One ELF BAR 1500 is therefore equivalent to around 75 to 150 cigarettes.

    Good to know: The bottom line is that consuming disposable e-cigarettes is cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

  • How do I know when my Elf Bar is empty?

    You will notice when your Elf Bar is empty as soon as the taste deteriorates and a burnt aroma appears. In this case, you should stop vaping and dispose of the device. Certain Elf Bar models, such as the AF5000, are rechargeable. If there is still liquid in it but the battery is empty, you can easily recharge it with a USB-C cable.

  • Why is there a skull and crossbones printed on Elfbars?

    You may have noticed that a warning with a skull and crossbones is printed on Elf Bar packaging. The reason for this is the nicotine it contains. This is a neurotoxin and can be very dangerous and even fatal for small children in large quantities.

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ELFBAR SCHWEIZ is the leading online store for original Elf Bar products. Here you will find the largest Elfbar range of disposable vape, cartridge systems, pod systems and liquids. You benefit from attractive prices and great volume discounts. If you order by 3 p.m., we will ship your package the same day (Monday to Friday). Your delivery is sent by Swiss Post and usually arrives the very next day. If you have any questions or require further information, our Elfbar support team will be happy to provide you with personal advice at or by calling 041 610 72 54.